Ok, so now I have ditched some of the part-time work that I was doing what is next?  Slightly panicked about the prospect of some long empty days – I don’t like to do nothing so I thought I’d put together a to-do list! Lists are brilliant, they make you feel busy and like you are achieving something as you cross off the items one by one (all except those things you don’t really want to do – which have to make themselves part of the next list and then the next and never really get done). I’ll admit it I am just ever-so-slightly addicted to lists! So here is the to do list for the rest of my life (in no particular order)!!

  • Get the bathroooms done – these are all desperate for a refurb. Grotsy flooring, stained grout, leaky taps. I want beautiful spa like decadence – not wee stains round to bottom of the loo where a succession of small boys (both mine and the previous owners’) have missed the toilet.
  • Do a Creative Writing course this is in order to fulfil a lifelong ambition (along with everyone else) to….
  • Write a Book! Fiction – about anything, genre tbc.
  • Do some form of exercise – for obvious health benefits.
  • Do the Garden – I’d like somewhere pretty to enjoy a cup of tea, G and T or glass of wine, chat to my husband or friends and enjoy being outside (rather than the muddy grass under the climbing frame and around the football goal with the overgrown beaten up shrubs surrounding it).
  • Upcycle my kitchen chairs – lots of people do it – what could possibly go wrong?!?
  • Reduce the amount of time I spend faffing around on social media for absolutely no purpose other than nosiness.
  • Grow my business – so I do hypnobirthing and antenatal classes but I am not good at business promotion etc. I have a list of ideas around this (but guess what? they always make it onto the next list!)
  • Be more organised – actually plan what I might buy at the shops, cook for tea etc etc and reduce the number of ‘Ready Steady Cook’ meals we have….you know the sort – this is what’s in the fridge/ freezer/ cupboard lets make it into a meal to eat in twenty minutes between the children’s clubs.
  • Bake my own bread – I used to love doing this but got used to having no time to do it – now I have the time to start again!
  • Finish my knitting project – on a complete whim last November walking past a knitting shop I decided it would be a great to resurrect this skill (I use the word loosely as I hadn’t knitted anything since primary school) so now I need to finish it!

And for now that’s it – although I may well come back and add items as I feel inspired!